Self-care in September

Week 1: "Easing into self-care"

#selfcare_in_september by @back2basics_kris

Looking back I can now see, that I was setting myself up for “failure” in August.

2016-08-28_19.26.06I wrote in my reflection for July that I had to take better care of myself during the next month, I had to cut myself some slack and not push myself so hard. But I didn’t listen to myself. Therefore, I hit a massive planning and productivity slump, that lasted almost three weeks. Ouch! I wrote about slumps in my previous post, and my conclusion on how to (hopefully) avoid another slump in September was: taking better care of myself!

So simple. But apparently easier said than done.

I decided to officially and very openly put self-care on the program for September. I created a challenge, which I’ll be explaining in this post.

I now know, that in order to keep my momentum, productivity, and workload at a high level, I have to take care of myself every single day. If I don’t do this: my body will stop me and force me to take the time to reboot. And that’s when I hit a slump.

Many forms of self-care

Some of us probably think self-care is going to the spa, going on a vacation, exercising and so on. These are examples of what I call “practical self-care”. But self-care should be regarded as a life practice. It Self-Careis-Survival-800x445should be setting the standards for how you approach your daily life. In order to have a balanced, self-caring life it’s important to practice self-care in all areas of your life.

Before we move on, you need to know some of the important forms of self-care:

  • Cognitive self-care: What do you think about yourself? What narratives do you tell yourself?
  • Emotional self-care: How are you feeling about yourself?
  • Practical self-care: Are you making time for the things that are important to you?
  • Physical self-care: What are you doing in order to take care of your body?
  • Spiritual self-care: How do you take care of your inner light/energy/spirit?

I have included these forms of self-care in the challenge in a way that divides the challenge into weekly self-care themes. It takes several weeks of continuous effort to make a new habit an automatic part of your routine. So we’ll be starting slowly. The first week is for “Easing into self-care”. 

Introducing the challenge

Each week I’ll be uploading the self-care theme and prompts for the following week on Instagram. This will be accompanied by a blog post on this site describing the prompts in more detail and a YouTube video for those of you who prefer an audio presentation. I’ll also be sharing how I’m setting up the weekly theme in my Bullet Journal.2016-08-28_19.33.41

Even though I have supplied the weekly themes and prompts it’s important that you make this challenge your own. You can journal, bullet journal, doodle, paint, take pictures; whatever feels natural to you. And if you wish to, you can share on Instagram using #selfcare_in_september.

Little note: It’s not enough to “just” think about a prompt. You will not get the full effect of the prompts if you don’t put your answer on paper in some form. This process is key in the challenge. After thinking about the prompt and putting your answer on paper – it’s time to follow through and live it out; If you don’t work, the prompts won’t work.

3600e71c70b84838e38891da29ddad17The challenge is not meant to be very time-consuming. I have tried to construct the prompts so they are relatively simple to do, while still having an effect in your daily life. Now, you can skip a prompt, no one’s keeping tabs. If you wish to spend more time on a prompt, then do that. If you wish to save a prompt for later, do that. Your challenge, your spin. If you are on a no spend diet, it’s no problem. So am I. If you’re not creative, no problem. Just do your thing. If you don’t have much time, no problem. Make time! 10 minutes a day should be sufficient. If you don’t have 10 minutes for yourself daily, then you should definitely begin with making yourself a priority in your life.

PS: I have created a Pinterest-board for this challenge with inspiring quotes, facts about self-care and examples of how you can practice the different forms of self-care. I’ll be adding pins to this as September goes by.


Week 1 Easing into self-care

Week 1: "Easing into self-care"


This challenge is all about signal-value. Each day the things we do (or don’t do), think (or don’t think), say (or don’t say) about ourselves, for ourselves, signals to our thoughts, emotions, unconscious mind and our surroundings how much we value and prioritize ourselves.

During September you’ll practice signaling to yourself – each day, several times a day – that you are worthy of kind thoughts, self-empowering feelings, spending time on 46a1486c997601c21cbe50a2ba05e337what’s important to you, standing up for yourself and making yourself a priority in your life. This challenge is all about signaling to yourself that you are in fact awesome and worthy. Not because of what you do, how much you do, or how you do it, but simply because you are!

You are worthy of a good life. And by knowing that and practicing self-care, self-love, self-empowerment, self-forgiveness, self-prioritizing, self-compassion, and self-defending you will improve your daily life.

Take good care of yourself.