The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge Goes BuJo

Jane (@soaustentatious) and I (@back2basics_kris) have joined forces to unite all of you “Reading like a Rory Gilmore”-bullet-journalists out there! And enhanced-19872-1395369679-22to welcome new book-nerds and bullet journal-junkies that wish to join.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

You need to know the creator of the original challenge: Patrick Lenton. He's an Australian writer for Going Down Swinging (one of Australia’s longest-running and most respected literary journals). Luckily for us, he also happens to be a BIG fan of Gilmore Girls.

In an interview in brought by Entertainment Weekly Patrick shares: "While I was watching Gilmore Girls, I saw Rory voraciously reading this huge variety of books... I realized that it had been ages since I'd challenged myself in my reading — I was fairly set in my favorite authors, in my genre styles. I realized that unless I really kicked myself into action, I might never read some of the 'greats'". And Rory does go through a lot of “greats” during her time at Stars Hollow High, Chilton Preparatory School, and in preparation for Harvard/Yale.

Patrick – like many of us – admires the way Rory keeps on improving herself through literature. He chose to watch all episodes (probably re-watch) and constructed a list made up of 339 titles that he found Rory either reads or references to during the 7 seasons of the series. Since he published the list, the challenge has become one of the most popular reading challenges out there.

20160727_214814Our BuJo-twist

Since Jane and I both are bookworms AND bullet journal-addicts we naturally chose to incorporate the challenge in our BuJo.

The bullet journal-system really excels as media for these kind of huge challenges. Like Rory uses literature to improve herself, many of us bullet-journalists use our BuJo to improve ourselves. So the combination is a match made in heaven.

The bullet journal is amongst many other things ideal for list-making, tracking (anything… really), goal setting, bucket-listing, and time tracking. So if a monumental challenge like The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge is on your bucket list, then why not use your BuJo to get you there. And on your way through some of “the greats” in literature growing as a person, expanding your horizons, and enjoying yourself.

Rules of engagement: Not many!

If any! Because in order to get through a challenge like this you need the freedom to customize the process to your life, wants, and needs. The key to complete the challenge is to make it your own - and what better way than to use your BuJo for this? Here are some criteria that Jane and I agreed upon rather quickly:

When does a book count as “read”:

  • If you actually read it
  • If you have read it before and remember most, then you can count it as “read”. If you wish to reread it – of course: feel free!
  • If the “book” listed is actually a play or musical, if you’ve seen the play, musical or movie, it counts as “read”. If you wish to read the screenplay, again feel free!
  • Opposite to Chilton or Yale; there is no pop-quiz on Monday. So if you didn’t get all of the books, no worries; count it as “read”
  • If there is a reader's digest version of the book, then this counts as “read”


  • Fact: Rory read the 339 books in 7 years
  • But that’s about 48 books a year, and 4 each month! My schedule and private life no longer allows such indulging in books. Don’t know about you guys… But Jane stated, in one of our first conversations, that she regards this challenge as a life goal or a bucket list item – so there is NO official timeline. You make your own timeline in your BuJo! This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Order of reading:

  • The one you choose. The important thing is to get started and keep going!

20160730_141933Sharing, staying motivated and joining worldwide book-club:

That’s it! Let’s get reading!

I am starting this Monday: first day of a new month, first day of my "miracle morning" mornings, first day of joining two doodle-challenges, and first day of my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. I will be including the reading as part of my daily miracle morning routine. Starting with a book I have wanted to read for years: “Madame Bovary” (1857) by Gustave Flaubert.

Let’s go! Read, learn, smile, share, join! Godspeed!

Kristine xoxo - #RGRCgoesBuJo